Influential Youth


Abdel Alzorgan: Inventor, Conservationist (Jordan)

Alec Urbach: Filmmaker & Activist (USA) 

Anoka Abeyrathne: Conservationist (Sri Lanka) 

Brittany Bergquist: Founder of Sell Phones for Soldiers (US)

Camilo Jimenez: Eco-entrepreneur & founder, Ecopuntas (Colombia) 

Cassandra Lin:  Inventor & conservationist (US)

Christopher Yao: Founder, Kids Change the World (USA)

Daniel Kent: Founder, Net Literacy (US)

DeAndre Roberts: Human rights activist (US)

Dylan Mahalingham: Social Activist and founder, L'il MDGs (USA)

Ghalib Kahlil: Activist (Pakistan)

Grace Li: Co-Founder and CEO, We Care Act (US)

Jeremiah Kimbugwe: Social worker (Uganda)

Jonny Cohen: Founder of GreenShields (US)

Kendall Ciesemier: Founder, Kids Caring 4 Kids (USA)

Kyle Weiss: Philantrhopist & Founder, FundaField (US)

Luis Cruz: Inventor & accessibility advocate (Honduras)

Madelyn McGlynn: Founder, NETwork Against Malaria (US)

Maren Johnson: Student ambassador for the Global Soap Project (US)

Marita Cheng: Engineer, Founder of Robogals Global (Australia) 

Mohammad Berry: HIV and human rights activist (South Africa)

Olivia Bouler: Environmental activist (US)

Tamer Shaaban: Filmmaker & founder, Mantis Films (Egypt) 

Valens Ntamushobora: Woman's rights activist (Rwanda)

Zander Srodes: Eco-educator & founder, Turtle Talks (US)