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Close Reading

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Close Reading Presentation PDF or PPT


Current Event Lesson using Write Around Texts:


Printable Copies of the Articles
Links to Online Versions of the Articles 
Ebola Facts from NY Times.docx   Ebola Facts from NY Times 
Ebola LIfe Cycle.docx   Ebola Life Cycle 
ebola-algorithm.pdf   Ebola Algorithm 
About Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever_ Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever _ CDC.pdf   About Ebola 
Ebola_ What Parents Need to Know - HealthyChildren.pdf   Ebola: What Parents Need to Know
Teen Health and Wellness--Ebola Timeline.pdf Ebola Timeline (username and password: fresnousd)
Core Concepts_ Biology--What Are Viruses.pdf What Are Viruses 
Ebola virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.pdf Ebola Virus 


Poetry Lesson using Multiple Readings, Companion Texts, and a Continuum





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